12 July, 2023

We have a new family member.
Small Is Beautiful’s Varda
Sire: SE CH, NO CH, DK CH, FI CH, C.I.B., SE W 2012, NO W 2012, FI W 2013, NORD VW 2019
Small is Beautiful’s Fine Mess
Dam: Auđnuspors Spring Delight

I fell in love with Hopps some years ago when I was visiting the SiB family. And now I have this amazing dog by my side, it’s a dream come true! ♥

From the bottom of my heart, thank you Gabriella Carlid & Samuel Carlid for your trust! Words are not enough but I’m forever grateful ♡

And to Karolin Bergenstråhle, thank you for being the best travel partner Hopps could ever have. And thank you for the nice time in Boden. I so much enjoy your company. (And my daughter still talks about you!) ♡